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Development Languages
PICANT offers inexpensive compilers that use the PicAntIDE and Debugger/Simulator. The C2C C compiler is $60, and the C2C++ C++ compiler is $90.
JAL compiler is free. JAL stands for Just Another Language. The author calls it "pascal like" but I would describe it more as a structured BASIC type language. It has been around quite a while and is well supported. I've had very good success with it. (Original JAL home)
OshonSoft PIC Basic Compiler, Simulator, and IDE all for just $19 is an unbelievable deal.
CC5X C compiler a free C compiler for PIC (also available in $250 Standard Edition and $520 Extended Edition.) Free version limited to 1k per C module.
CCS C compiler $125 for 14-bit chip C compiler, $125 for 12-bit chip C compiler, or $350 for both plus their Windows IDE.
PICC-Lite C compiler is the free version of Hi-Tech C, which only supports certain chips (12F675, 12F629, 16F627, 16C84, 16F84 and 16F84A) and has other limitations (2 banks RAM and code size limit of 2k on the 16F877.)
Wiz-C compiler by Forest Electronics Development
PicBasic compiler $100 for the limited PicBasic compiler, $250 for the full PicBasic Pro version
XCSB compiler is a free Structured BASIC language for the PIC. It is a relatively new arrival on the scene. is devoted to use of the C language on PICmicros
MICROCHIP manufacturer of the PIC microcontroller
OLIMEX development boards make an easy prototype. Spark Fun Electronics is a US source for the OLIMEX development boards. has really great prices and super low shipping charges!
DLP Design has USB enabled PIC solutions with royalty free drivers based on FTDI chips. Available in DIP Modules for $25 from Mouser.
Web References
Peter Anderson's PIC page
PICmicro WebRing Hub links lots of great PIC resources.
PIC List The official PIC List home page
PIC Language Comparisons
PIC Articles by Myke Predko and lots more.
Talking Electronics is a very useful electronics reference site.
This Online Book on PIC Microcontrollers at MikroElektronika is a good PIC tutorial.
PC Board Making Tutorial using a Laser Printer and Press-N-Peel Blue Transfer Film from Techniks who also has copper clad boards, and PCB drill bits. Press-N-Peel is available in smaller quantities from All Electronics.
PC Board Making using laser printer toner transfer.
How to build a 5v regulated wall-wart PSU show a simple 5v power supply circuit. Starting with PIC Microcontrollers is also a good article.
Seattle Robotics Society article on headers. Lots of useful tips can be found on their site.
Decode the codes for Capacitors and Resistors, or try the multi-band resistor calculator.
My PIC based Pinewood Derby Finish Line demonstrates using a PIC 16F628 and 16F877, and showcases the Olimex P40B
For schematics and circuit boards I use CadSoft Eagle free version.
Practical Electronics for Inventors is a good introductory electronics book and practical reference